Crypto: now powered by bull

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For a very long time, FT Alphaville has warned our readers that almost all of the crypto area is filled with bull.

However little did we all know that it could get to the purpose that literal cow excrement would change into a key promoting level for miners of the cash.

From our inboxes this morning:

A crypto mining enterprise which runs its computer systems off cow manure has taken £5million in gross sales bookings thus far this yr.

Bury-based Easy Crypto Hunter says enquiries have surged after Elon Musk attacked Bitcoin mining for guzzling vitality created by dangerous fossil fuels.

Mining Bitcoin often requires a super-powerful, energy-intensive pc, and most mining is completed in China the place vitality prices are far cheaper than right here within the UK.

However Josh Riddett’s mining machines — measuring 70cm x 35cm x 40cm — are designed to mine different digital currencies like Ravencoin and Ethereum and use far much less vitality.

Mr Riddett’s mining gear “is powered utilizing Anaerobic Digestion (AD) machines which flip animal waste into renewable vitality”. The method works by changing the dung into biogas, according to the EPA.

And right here’s Riddett with one of many suppliers of the smelly, renewable vitality supply:

It’s truthful to say that the crypto-space is doing all it might to mooo-ve on from its popularity as an environmental destroyer.

Higher puns welcome within the feedback.

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