Here at Cryptomadness you can also get a better understanding of the dynamics of the crypto world and its different ecosystems through our webinars.
These webinars are always limited to a maximum number of people(5).
This allows everyone to ask questions at the end of each webinar.

Why should you learn this?
1. All the money will soon be digital
2. Crypto becomes so big if not bigger than internet.
3. We are witnessing a great financiel revolution.
4. The path to independence of the current monetary system.

®Webinars are presented in Dutch and English


Basic module.

-How does it all work?
-How can I start with Bitcoins and cryptocurrency myself?
-What are the risks and what can I do about them myself?
-How to invest in Bitcoins and cryptocurrency?

-How did money come about?
-What is Blockchain?
-Why will blockchain and crypto grow?
-How can I best protect my cryptocurrencies?    

 At the end of the module you will get a nice crypto incentive to start your crypto journey.


Pro Module

The foundation
-What are smart contracts and how do they work?
-Delve deeper into smart contracts?
-Their function within the crypto space?
-What is Dapp?
-What is Defi?
-What is a crypto hash ?
-What is proof of work?
-What is proof of stake?
-What are Nonces?
-What is cryptominning and how does it work?                                                                                                                             Cryptocurrency incentive.

Basic +Pro Module

Cryptocurrency incentive.

Private lessons (1on1)


-Take lessons at your own pace.
-Same content as Basic.
-You choose your own moment.
-1 on 1 interaction.                                                                                                                                                                         Cryptocurrency incentive.




-Active trading fundamentals (3 sessions)
-What is trading?
-How can I read the charts? (technical indicators)
-What should I look out for if I want to be profitable ?
-What do the lines and candlesticks tell me?
-How does a crypto trading platform work?
-Tips on how to make as much money as possible with crypto.